Investing in Development

July 23, 2014 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM

CMC photo presented by Catherine M. Connolly, MBA, CFRE
Direct Marketing & Membership Consultant
International Association of Fundraising Professionals Treasurer

You know that you need to invest in your development efforts in order to build a stronger financial base for your organization, but how do you go about doing that. This session will cover the topics of building a case for this investment, how to communicate with the various constituencies within the organization, and what metrics and measurements are important to whom.

With development and finance staff working and discussing together, an organization can attain greater results than when these functions are separated and operating with different expectations.

This session will be particularly useful to Executive Directors, development staff and finance personnel, who will leave knowing how to discuss and work through issues more effectively so the organization can attain even greater results than when development and finance are separated and operating with different expectations. This session is also useful for every board member seeking to understand how to ensure their organizations are investing dollars wisely.

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